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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Join a Group

You probably already belong to one or more embroidery groups. They are great for helping you to find a design, for new ideas, or multiple solutions to an embroidery question. There are embroidery forums (sometimes called bulletin boards) and embroidery email groups (mostly through Yahoo). Ask a question and you are sure to get answers. Some groups offer free designs, hold contests, organize group buys or coordinate swaps of embroidered items.

Joining an online group is easy. Most forums require that you register. When you join an email group, you may have to wait for your membership to be approved. This helps to keep out spammers. Be sure to read the rules for each forum or email group. Most are quite specific about when advertising is allowed, whether non-embroidery topics are permitted, and how to unsubscribe.

Your local dealer may offer group classes or seminars from visiting experts. Attending a class or seminar is a wonderful way to meet embroiderers in person. You might even start your own local embroidery group.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Hot Fix

Elements Kits

Pre-packaged color
combinations to set your
imagination soaring.

New Sparkle Kits
now available.

Summer Flameless Tealight Covers

This set of 10 flameless tealight covers is perfect for summer parties. Covers
fit snugly over small battery operated tealights and stitch up quick in your hoop.

April Fools or All Fools Day

The history of April Fool's Day is
uncertain, but it may have begun
around 1582 in France when the
Gregorian Calendar was introduced,
and New Year's Day was moved from
March 25 - April 1 (new year's week)
to January 1.

April Showers Celebration Bookmarks
was 5.99, now $2.40. Save 60%!

Satin Jacket

Make this elegant
baby jacket in your
embroidery hoop.

Use satin for a
special occasion
or cotton for
everyday use.

Cutwork Swans

Stitch graceful swans and
add extra swirls to create a
grand overall arrangement.

Sale pricing!




The Poppers will hold the
common plastic eggs. Fill the
egg with candy. Insert the egg
into the bottom opening. Give
the belly a gentle squeeze and

Rose Squares 1

30 designs with a romantic
theme. Some variations are
single-color, multi-color,
appliqué and open frames.

So many possibilities!

Flower & Butterfly

Classic cross stitch done
with your embroidery machine,
and NO jump stitches!

~ Mylar Butterfly Single 4x4 ~

A Spring glorious single butterfly with Mylar and beautiful
as a direct stitch application, too. Try a Mylar design today!

Save 25% with code:

Mug Rug Spring

Make this sweet mug rug
in your embroidery hoop.
It's big enough for your mug
and a cookie. You'll want one
for yourself, and more for
friends and neighbors.

Teeny Flowers 1

Miniature flowers and a
set of bare stems, plus the
combined design shown here.

Half-price, today only!

Sassy Bunnies

10 delightfully sassy and exquisitely detailed
bunny designs PLUS a FREE one to download!
All designs available in 4" and 5" sizes!

Easter Gifteez

Quick and easy ITH project.
They're called Gifteez because
they are so e-z to make!
Envelope opening in the back
lets you fill the gifteez with
candy or a small gift. Included
are step by step instructions
with tons of photos.

Hop on over and see the
lamb and chick.

Winter Friends

These line work designs
are great fun. And almost
NO jumps so they stitch
really quick.

Makeup Bag

Colorful cosmetic bags are
perfect for travel, a gym locker,
or to carry sewing supplies, art
supplies or small toys.

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