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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Testing Freebies

Freebies are much more than a way to build your library of designs. They are an opportunity to sample the designer's work. If you test-stitch the design, you will be able to see if there is sufficient underlayment to provide good coverage, whether there are gaps between fill areas, or if the outline stitches correctly. Do colors repeat themselves for no reason? Are jump stitches minimized? If it is in-the-hoop design, are the instructions clear and do the parts stitch together easily?

Decide if this is the type of design you would like to stitch more than once. Make notes by writing directly on the fabric of the stitchout, listing the name of the designer and what you liked or did not like about the way the design stitches. This is the best way to learn if a new designer is right for you.

If a designer does not offer free designs to sample, ask. Sometimes you will see what appears to be the same design offered by two different designers. They may have used the same artwork, or one may have copied the other's idea. You could just buy the one that is cheaper, or you could buy from the designer whose work you can trust. It's up to you!

Next issue: embroider a little romance

from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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made in ONE hooping!

It's all finished including the zippers,
Velcro and the lining "In the Hoop".
There is no sewing required. It has two 
separate secure zippered pockets.
There are NO raw seams anywhere
in the project when finished!

Granny Squares III

8 nostalgic, romantic
quilt squares, stitch without
jumps. Appliqué centers can
showcase a special fabric.

Metallic Thread

The poly core is wrapped
with metallic, then sealed
in Mylar. You get a strong,
round metallic that feels
and performs like a regular
thread, in brilliant metallic

~ Amore ~

Love in any language, soft and sweet, or vibrant and bold.
Embellish a special gift for your Valentine today!

Save 25% with code:

Teeny Cats

Miniature felines are sure
to please any cat lover.

Half-price, today only!

Paisley Passion

Fun designs inspired by
the ever-popular paisley.

New Teacher
Word Art Design

Subway Word Art designs are
all the rage. Find our newest
Teacher Word Art design here.
Includes 5 sizes!

Buy 4 or more Mix 'n Match
single designs and get 15% off.
Check top of the Mix 'n Match
page for coupon code.

Hearts on Fire

Fiery passion express in embroidery borders and corners.
Tribally inspired for a modern take on romance.

Clyde Set

Stitch this adorable
dragon to show how
much you care.

Eagle Sketch

This eagle sketch is a tribute
to all the soldiers. Money made
from this design helps send
boxes to the soldiers overseas.

Natural Dobby Trim
Kitchen Towel

Cotton towels with a striped
accent. Easy to embroider with
your favorite Valentine designs.

Red Hat Appliqué

Fun designs for any
Red Hatter, or Red Hatter
Wannabe. Easy to add hotfix
crystals, pearls or a silk flower.
Instructions included!

Buy this set and select another 
set of equal or lesser value as
a free gift. Limited time offer!

Sparkling Hearts

Swirly heart designs with
hot fix crystals and metals
in your choice of 4 color

Because romance is
always in style!

Deco Alphabet

Deco Alphabet is designed for
you to customize with two colors!

Choose muted hues to create
elegant and gently subtle works.

Or, choose bright, contrasting
colors to add a carefree look.

Make it yours by choosing
your favorite colors!

You will have lots of fun with these 'in the hoop'
Flower Bracelets

Change out the flowers by snapping on a new one. Several sizes are included.

Quilt Block

Your free gift with
purchase, only through
the end of January.


"Love" is embellished 10 ways.
Perfect for a quilt, wedding album,
ring bearer pillow... anywhere you
want love to grow.

Redwork sets
are just $1.00 through
the end of January.

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