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Saturday, July 4, 2015
Happy 4th of July!

What is Phishing?

A couple of readers have contacted me that they have received a phishing warning when following the link in the StitchFun News email. They wondered what it meant and whether it might be safe to follow the link.

A phishing scheme is when a person masquerades as something else in order to trick you into giving him personal information. In most cases, the scammer represents himself as being your bank, credit card company, investment company, PayPal, or a major online retailer such as eBay. He sends you an email saying your account has been compromised and that you must follow the link in the email to set things right.

The link appears to take you to the legitimate website, where you are asked all manner of personal questions, such as your name, address, social security number, bank account routing number, credit card numbers and so on. But the website is actually a thief collecting your information to steal your identity.

So how do you know? If the email does not address you by name, that is suspicious. If you see misspellings and strange grammar, that is a warning (most scammers are from outside the US). Do not blindly follow the link. Log into your online account through your usual means (a bookmark or by typing in the home page URL, then navigating to your own account). If there is truly a problem with your account, you will be notified there.

If you prefer, you can use this link: to visit the most current issue of the StitchFun News. Feel free to add it to your bookmarks, then when you receive the notification email, you can always safely use the bookmark.

So how does it happen that readers of the StitchFun News are receiving a warning that the link may be a phishing scam? That is truly baffling to me. The link is provided by a newsletter service, which counts how many of you click on the link so I can gauge the effectiveness of the StitchFun News. There is no place at where personal information is collected, other than simply your email address if you wish to subscribe.

Your privacy is safe. I do not share subscriber information with anyone, and I am the only person with access to the subscriber list. Be careful out there!

Next issue: how to defrag

from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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GBD033 Morning Glory Border

24 Hour Special
50% off ends midnight EDT
$3.00 with coupon code

Picnic Outfit

Your 18" doll will be perfectly
dressed for summer with these
cute denim shorts, belt, shirt,
croc-style shoes and even a
picnic basket. All made in your
embroidery hoop with minimal
hand or machine sewing.

The details are delightful!

Lace Cats

Hang in the
window or on a
doorknob, use as
a bookmark, or
tuck into a get
well card.

Tea Time Kitty

5 appliqué designs and
4 redwork (each in 2 sizes), plus
cute sayings. What a fun set!

One Week Only
60% off site wide
through Tuesday



Make this Memo Cover in the 4x4 hoop!

Detailed step by step instructions with
pictures are included. It will hold a 3x5
top spiral notepad and pen or pencil. It
also has pockets for more. A BLANK
is included so you can add designs
from your collection.

Tulip Botany Class I

Continuous stitch borders, corners, appliqué squares
and single motifs. Combine to create something stunning!

Romantic Ivy

Quickly transform a
plain gift into something
personal with a 2-3/4"

Perfect on a tote bag,
pillow, towel or scarf.

Summer Nymph

Nature's Summer Nymph
arrives in full bloom, birds on
branches and butterfly in hand!

pricing ends soon!

Red - White - Blue Flowers

Perfect for a quick 4th of July project. Swap colors to use any time.

May 2015

This collection includes
pretty floral motifs for a
neckline or corner accent.

Patriotic Redwork II

Independence Day!

Just Cause Bears

Choose colors to match your cause. Stitch just
the bear or embroider as a patch. Patches fit the lid
of a mint tin to create a little treasure box.

Happy 4th of July!

Show your love for the red,
white and blue with the new
Spiral Flag Heart.

Be sure to check out the
Independence Day Special!

Kittens Appliqué

Kittens in appliqué. That means
that any fabric will change them
to fit your project. These are
lots of fun in bright colors on
screen bags and such. Great
for gym, home and more.

Fox Cubbie Stuffie

Adorable fox is easy to embroider
because the tummy stuffing removes
as a single pod through a zippered
opening Can also be used as a
pajama bag.

Custom Designs

Let Wendy create a design
from your photo or artwork.
Stitch a special gift, honor a
loved one, create a business
logo or remember a
treasured pet

3-D Life

Create dragonflies and
flowers in your embroidery
hoop for fun embellishing.

Vintage Rose

Single letters in the Vintage
Rose Alphabet are still being
released, in no particular order,
one at a time. Visit now if you
have missed a few, or simply
want to make sure you have
them all.

Have a happy and
safe 4th of July!

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