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Saturday, October 3, 2015

From the Readers

Nancy wrote (in response to Using Test Stitchouts): What I do with my test stitch outs is I make them into hot pads and then sell them at our church craft show. The table booth is only $10 so I'm not out a lot of money and can make that money back plus a good amount extra just by selling hot pads from my test stitchouts!

Aggie wrote (in response to Needle Safety): I was on vacation - took my machine, opened faceplate to take out a screw to clean, dropped the screw and couldn't find it. I went to the local hardware store and for just over $10, bought an extension magnet, waved it on the floor, and, presto, the screw attached to the magnet. This magnet is great for lost needles, especially. No sewist should be without one!

Next issue: pressing pants hems

from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Monogram Collection

Elegant monogram
letters, each in 3 sizes
for extra versatility.

~ Star of David & Psalm 122 ~

Beautiful scripture depiction of Psalm 122: 6 and Star of David single.
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Halloween Redwork

10 richly detailed redwork
designs for Halloween tees,
treat bags, pajamas, pillows
and more.

Country Prim

Designs for that
"little bit of country"
in all of us.

Modern Holiday

This week's Half Off Sale
on another customer Christmas
favorite ends tomorrow!


Let Winnie guard your
candy in her cauldron.

Create the pieces in
your embroidery hoop.
Easy assembly with
complete instructions.

Bonnet Ladies

Sunbonnet Sue is all
grown up and she loves the
garden. 10 beautiful ladies
dressed in their floral finest.

Rose Frames

An elegant collection of pretty
lace frames for monograms or
just perfect as they are. Combine
them to make a wonderful larger
design. Add crystals and more
to make them SING!

Prim & Preppy
Cotton Lounge Pants

Lightweight, comfy lounge pants
in three fun prints. Perfect for
dorm life. Easy to embroider.

Custom Designs

Let Wendy
create a design from
your photo or artwork.
Stitch a treasured pet,
honor a loved one, or
create a business logo.

The World According to Sticks

Dawn has expressive stick figure designs for everyone.
Stitch some joy with these delightful designs!

Raggedy Numbers

Complete the Raggedy Letters
set with numbers and symbols.

Stitch Reen's fun
Chalkboard Mats
for stocking stuffers, etc.

There are 4 sizes and styles
available. Some have pockets to
hold the chalk and all include
erasers. Make them in your hoop.

Only $9.00
for $20.00
worth of

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Sale ends
October 5th at
midnight EDT.

Cheesy Little
Ballet Slippers

Baby ballet slippers
are made in your
embroidery hoop.

Set includes 4 variations.



Make these stars in
your hoop combining
organza and Mylar
for unique effects.

Poinsettia Appliqué

Create the classic Christmas flower
in your embroidery hoop. Includes 4
sizes, depending upon your hoop.




99% "In the Hoop"

All of the measuring
has been done. Very
detailed instructions with
pictures are included.

BA Appliqué I

Colorful, classic appliqué
designs for a stunning quilt.
Or use individually on a
tote, tee or pillow.

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