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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Password Pointers

So many websites want you to enter a password. It's best to use different passwords for different websites, but how do you know if your password is good enough and how do you keep track?

If the website does not store any of your sensitive personal information, you can probably get away with a simple password that you use for all such websites. Try to be a bit more creative than using your birth date, phone number or the name of your pet.

For websites such as PayPal, credit cards, or your bank, you will want a more secure password. These sites often ask that you change the password to keep it more secure. A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols is best.

How do you remember it all? Write it down, either on paper or in a text file on your computer. Name the text file something innocent, like "poundcake_recipe", and/or password protect the file. Enter each password backwards, or substitute uppercase for lowercase, or add numbers. Just remember what you have done so you can properly "decode" the passwords when you need them. This will keep anyone else from being able to use your passwords if they find your list.

If you are in a public place (the airport or an Internet cafe), be very careful about visiting websites that use passwords. You never know who might be looking over your shoulder. If using a public computer (at the library or at work), be sure to log out or close the web browser before leaving the computer. 

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Dragon 01

Bold, fun dragon
design stitches quickly
in a single color.

Tick Tack Toe Heart

A fun in the hoop project -- a
little tick tack toe pouch using
Hershey Hugs and Kisses. Store
the kisses in the little pouch when
not in use....unless they are all
eaten! Great school gift, or sent
to a special friend, as birthday
gifts, hospital gifts, bridal or
baby showers and more.

Bee Line
Gray Zippered Bag
Set of 2

Perfect for travel, lockers,
gym bags or backpacks.
A fun print in neutral gray to
compliment almost any design.

Custom Designs

Let Wendy create a design from
your photo or artwork. Stitch a
family crest, remember a treasured
pet, honor a loved one, or create
a business logo.

Metal Stars

Metal stars in assorted
sizes and colors will add
something extra to your
patriotic stitching.

Small Lion

A set of two designs,
one for the little lady,
one for her dolly.

Quick to stitch.

Reen is coming to Texas July 18~19!

\Sign up for this weekend event featuring
'In the Hoop' classes, shopping, prizes and more.

Tail Star Mice
(10 designs)

24 Hour Special
60% off

Just $10.40 with coupon code


Patriotic Placemat

Made in one hooping!




Make this double eyeglass case
all in ONE hooping. There are NO
raw edges anywhere when finished.
Even inside! The case is full lined
and padded.

BA Appliqué

Classic, colorful
Baltimore Album appliqué
designs, plus coordinating
outline designs for use
in quilting.

Wet N Stick Cutaway

Perfect for lightweight knits and
open-weave fabrics! Use this sticky
cutaway for holding tees, onesies,
mesh fabrics and more for the
ultimate in hooping stability
without distorting the fabrics.

No hoop burn and no gummy needles,
just well-stabilized embroidery!

~ Stipple Star ~

Sprinkle on capris and stitch
a matching tee. Stitch in red,
white and blues for a fabulous,
continuous stitch, patriotic star!

4th of July

Designs for any day
you wish to show you are
proud to be an American.

Half-price, today only!

Appliqué Bookmarks

10 beautiful bookmarks
done as freestanding in-the-hoop
appliqué. Each is about 6" tall and
made entirely in the hoop with
a fabric right side and a fabric

Happy Hour

Warmer weather
means backyard barbeques.
Embroider these designs on
napkins and a tablecloth to
set the mood for your
next party.

Dad Gift-EZ

New Father's Day Gift-EZ.
Envelope opening in the back
makes it roomy enough to fill
with small tools or a new tie!

introductory pricing!

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