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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thread Tips

You have probably heard that when changing a spool of thread on your sewing machine, is it best to clip the thread close to the spool and then pull the thread out downward through the needle rather than pulling it upward. That is probably the better way, but not absolutely necessary if you are using a very good quality thread. A loosely twisted, low quality thread pulled backwards through the machine may cause problems but a smooth, tightly twisted quality thread will not cause damage.

Invisible monofilament thread is wonderful for when you don't want your stitches to show. We realize some just prefer not to use it. It is a somewhat delicate thread and a few tight-tensioned machines need some adjusting (looser tension) to use it successfully. Is there an alternative? Yes. Try any of the neutral, blending colors of The Bottom Line. Color #623 (Silver) is my favorite when sewing on lighter shade fabrics because it seems to blend with every color it touches and becomes almost invisible. It's like a magic thread. Color #620, #624, #651, and #655 perform the same way. For medium and darker shade fabrics, color #617 (Taupe) is the best choice. The Bottom Line thread is not only for use in the bobbin. Try it for invisible machine appliqué or for hand appliqué. Many like it better than silk thread.

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from Bob Purcell of Superior Threads

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~ Tea With Thee ~

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Covered Buttons

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Sweet & Sassy
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