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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Decorative Stitches

Use water-soluble stabilizer when you test patterns on a block of sheer fabric. That way the stabilizer won't shadow through if you create a "keeper." Use the presser foot to space rows. Play with your mirror-image functions. (Bernina has some stitch recipes that are intriguing; see their website for more information and ideas on those.)

Use tone-on-tone in one or two colors, or combine bright colors. The white and/or ecru combinations on white batiste are wonderful for filler blocks in heirloom quilts or even adult clothing. When combined with Swiss trims, they take on a more elegant look while helping keep the budget in line. If you are using the stitched block in clothing or a quilt, you may want the stabilizer to disappear; just be sure if you use water-soluble stabilizer that the fabric will tolerate the rinsing. 

Another idea: create the blocks, then stitch an embroidery design over them. Just be sure the thread colors you choose for pattern stitches do not overwhelm the embroidery design, but act instead as "background fabric."

With patience, you could even create yardage for a garment!

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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