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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

StitchFun Ads (part 2)

Embroidery email lists became overwhelmed with ads for new designs. It seemed as though everyone with an embroidery machine was selling designs. If you followed the link from every ad, you spent a lot of time looking at little computer-generated images of designs that may never have been actually test-stitched. Email lists instituted rules about who could advertise, when they could advertise and what they could advertise. It became harder and harder for designers to be noticed.

The StitchFun News was created to provide a place for top quality embroidery designers, suppliers and educators to advertise. Each ad has a website banner at the top. If you click on the banner, you will be sent to the website homepage. Below the banner is text and an image. Click on either the image or the text to visit the page selling the item shown. Some ads may have more than one link, which you can see if you hover your pointer over different parts of the ad.

If an ad has a coupon code, highlight just the code, then copy and paste.  You will be sure to have the exact spelling.

Looking for a design you saw recently in the StitchFun News? Here is a list of our advertisers with links and a brief description of what each offers. This link will now appear at the bottom of every new issue of the StitchFun News.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Round Script

This versatile alphabet
can be used so many ways
to monogram just about

10% off

Little Mouse
(mouse only)

today only!

Paste code in at

Melodies in Red

A wonderful, colorful
addition to any project.

Jute Tablerunner

Jute fabric creates a warm,
homey look. Easy to embroider.
In your choice of 4 colors.

Buy 3 at a special price!

Blouse Motif

Embroider a lovely
neckline design, then
stitch the coordinating
design on the sleeves.
Add crystals for a
festive, sparkling look!
Designs include enough
crystals for 15 motifs.

Easy Organizer Suite™

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your
favorite websites in one place where you can
easily see them? With easyWebsites Organizer
Module of Easy Organizer Suite, you can! Plus,
keep more information than just the URL, like
Internet Explorer favorites and Firefox bookmarks.
Then link the websites with your design charts in
easythreads and your embroidery file charts in
easyEmbroidery File Organizer!

Try it out for free! Click here to download the
14-day trial version of easyWebsites Organizer.

Use code SF112014 to save 20% on
easyWebsites Organizer or any other Module.

Stitch up a cute
Reindeer Towel
for the holidays.

Makes a great hostess gift.

Pioneer Family

Nostalgic scene
rendered in detailed
redwork. Four bonus
designs included.

Hat and Boots
for 18" dolls

Make the perfect
outerwear for the
changing weather. Your
choice of fabric creates
the unique look. Stitched
almost entirely in your
embroidery hoop.

Paper Doll 5 - Harriet

Hours of old-fashioned
fun with a flat freestanding
doll and 5 little dresses,
each with a matching hat.

Sale pricing!



MR. & MRS.

Make this cute
couple for your Fall

Full detailed
instructions included.


Freestanding candy designs
in multiple sizes, and 2 cute
appliqué candy jars, also in
multiple sizes. Candies can
also be stitched as appliqué.
So many fun possibilities!

~ Holly Gingerbread Appliqué ~

Stitch, stitch, stitch as fast as you can! Only 28 days till Christmas!
Save with code:

Hobby Horse
3/4" Satin Alphabet

Uppercase and lowercase
letters stitch beautifully and
are so easy to read.

Quilting Knots

Classic designs to quilt
the layers right in your
embroidery hoop.

Half-price, today only!

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