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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Choosing the Correct Needle

What needle is best for embroidery? For most embroidery, using 40 wt. rayon or polyester thread, a size 12 needle works best. The eye of a size 12 needle is large enough that the thread will pass through without excessive friction (which causes lint, fraying and breakage). Your dealer may recommend a particular brand of needle for your machine. Most machines can use Organ needles, which can be bought online at a reasonable price.

If you are using a finer thread (60 wt.), a size 10 needle will work. Finer threads create beautiful heirloom effects, but do not provide adequate coverage in most filled designs. If you want a more subtle outline, or finer details, try 60 wt. thread.

If you are quilting in the hoop using machine quilting cotton thread, switch to a size 14 needle. Cotton threads produce lint if you just blink at them, so the larger needle (with its larger eye) helps a little. Always use top-quality thread made specifically for machine quilting, and stop every few designs to clean the lint in the bobbin area and in the thread path. If you are using cotton batting, cotton fabric, cotton thread and a cotton bobbin, the lint builds up fast!

Sharp, ball point or universal? Sharp needles are best for woven fabrics. Ball point needles are for knit fabrics (the rounded tip will slide between threads instead of piercing them). A universal needle is a compromise between a sharp and a ball point, can be used on any fabric, but it is better to match the needle to the fabric type.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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