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Monday, July 28, 2014

After the Stitching

The last stitch is sewn. Now what? Clip the threads (if your machine does not do this for you). Be sure you have clipped all the jump stitches (I like to clip them as they occur). If this is a baby item, be sure to clip the small jump stitches on the back. Babies have delicate fingers and toes that can easily be cut if caught in a thread loop. If the garment is to be worn by someone with sensitive skin, you might also want to cover the back of the embroidery with a layer of soft fabric -- use a fusible tricot interfacing or hand-stitch a plain fabric into the edges of the design.

Check the design for any flaws. If there are gaps in the design, you can easily add a few stitches of hand embroidery to fill out the design. If a bit of bobbin thread shows through here or there, a dot of ink from a laundry-safe pen in a color to match the embroidery thread will make the bobbin thread disappear. (Using colored pre-wound bobbins helps to prevent this problem.) If a clipped thread has left a tiny bit standing straight up, but is too short to clip, pull gently on the bobbin thread to bring the thread end to the back of the design.

Trim cutaway stabilizer close to the edges of the design. Gently remove tear-away stabilizer, holding the edges of the design between the thumb and index finger of one hand while tearing with the other. Remove bits of stabilizer that show inside open areas of the design, especially if the fabric is a knit, lightweight or sheer. The more you remove, the more relaxed the design will be. How much you remove is up to you. If water-soluble stabilizer is used, rinse thoroughly in warm water, blot with white paper towels, then smooth and allow to dry.

Press out hoop marks and smooth away any puckers by placing the design face down on a padded ironing board. Use the hottest setting the fabric will allow and press gently so as not to crush the embroidery threads. Concentrate on pressing around the design, not directly on top of it.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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