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Friday, December 9, 2016

Make Recycled Gifts

Oh, no! Don't give unwanted gifts to someone else! Make gifts from used items. Turn an out-grown pair of jeans into a shoulder bag, embroidered with a design or two to make it special! Here are some sites with instructions:

Old jeans can also be cut up to make a quilt for outdoor use (picnics in the park or poolside at a swim meet). No batting is needed. A simple checkerboard design is easiest, but more elaborate designs are also possible. Back the quilt with a sturdy fabric such as denim or thick flannel. Here are some sites with instructions:

If there is a runner on your gift list, he or she probably has collected more race day t-shirts that anyone could ever wear. Or maybe you know someone who collects concert t-shirts? Piece them into a lap quilt (with the owner's permission!). Here are sites with instructions:

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from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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12 Days of Christmas

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