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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Design Bugs

Have you ever wondered why some designs stitch perfectly every time, and others are full of jump stitches, repeated color changes and extra-long stitches in the middle of a fill area? Most likely, the problem design was a freebie offered by a relative newbie, but even purchased designs sometimes are riddled with such design bugs. Why?

An inexperienced designer may not know how to control the stitch sequence to prevent unnecessary color changes or jump stitches. That extra-long stitch in the middle of a fill is created when the embroidery software is trying to fill an odd shape. If the designer test-stitches the design, she will notice this offending stitch and convert it to shorter stitches for a better stitch-out.

If your embroidery software will enable you to set the maximum stitch length, you can select the fill area with the long stitch and change the stitch length to around 4mm. If the fill is a patterned fill, changing the stitch length may also change the fill to a smooth flat fill. If you can select just the single long stitch, you may be able to change the stitch length without affecting the rest of the fill stitches. Capabilities vary greatly from one program to another, and I have direct experience with only a couple of older programs, so you may need to ask someone else how to do this with your own software.

Advertisers in the StitchFun News almost always show actual stitch-outs of the designs they sell. This is your assurance that the design has been test-stitched. If you find such a design bug in a purchased design, you should contact the designer and ask if it is possible for her to fix the design.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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