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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Embroidery and Quilts

I see the same two questions asked about embroidery and quilts: "Do I embroider first or layer the quilt, then embroider?" "What stabilizer should I use when embroidering a quilt?" The answer to both questions is "it depends."

There are two different types of embroidery designs that can be used with quilts. The first type is a decorative embroidery design (filled, redwork, appliqué) that is used to embellish the quilt. These designs are stitched before the quilt is assembled. I find that it works best to cut a fabric square that is large enough to hoop, at least an inch larger than you want to cut it before piecing. If the design pulls slightly on the fabric, you will still be able to cut a perfect square. You will also be better able to center the design, especially when stitching an asymmetrical designs that does not look centered unless you shift it. If you want to stitch designs after the quilt top is pieced, you can embroider right over the seams. Tear-away stabilizer works best for decorative designs.

The other type of design used with quilts is a quilting design. This is a line of stitching that quilts the layers together. Quilting designs are stitched after the quilt is layered (back fabric, batting and quilt top). For best results, use no stabilizer. Hoop the quilt (all layers) or pin the quilt to a "window" of stabilizer with a large enough hole so that the design does not stitch through the stabilizer. Click on the image below for a more complete tutorial.

Stitch with a contrasting thread for a bold look, or use white thread for a traditional look. Support the weight of the quilt while the design is stitching so that the hoop moves freely. Clean the bobbin area frequently, especially if using cotton thread, fabric and/or batting.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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