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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Embroidery for Craft Shows

If you want to use your embroidery passion to make a little money, you might try selling embroidered items at craft shows. Be sure that any design you use can be embroidered on items for sale. Usually only items embroidered with licensed designs are restricted from sale.

Before you start embroidering a bunch of stuff, visit some area craft shows to see what items are selling. Embroidery designs that relate to the area are likely to sell well. I live near the Chesapeake Bay, where blue crabs are a sure hit. Holiday items are popular. With St. Patrick's Day and Easter coming soon, those items should sell well.

Embroider one-size-fits-all items such as tote bags, baby bibs, burp cloths, dish towels, golf towels and in-the-hoop items that hold cell phones, notepads, IDs, etc.. Hats may also sell well, but you invest more in the blank hat and they can be tricky to embroider, so you might try just a few to see if they are worth the investment in time and money.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Christian Sampler

A sampling of 8 beautiful Christian designs to fit the 4" hoop.

Leprechaun Bowl

This cheerful leprechaun
can hold little treats.

Parts are made in the hoop.
Easy assembly.

We're closing.

25% off of everything
through 3/31/15!

Use coupon code:


at Work

11 cute Easter designs.
Everyone loves bunnies!

Tea for Two

A great collection of designs
and a project as well. All for
a special intro price.

Loppy Ear
Plush Bunny

Super soft and adorable
bunny is a timeless classic.

Embroider a name or special
message inside the ear.

Appliqué Combo

Big, bold, beautiful appliqué
butterflies, plus coordinating
border and corner designs.

Buy this set and select another 
set of equal or lesser value as
a free gift. Limited time offer!

Butterfly Jewels

Crystals specially selected
to embellish these fanciful

Designs sold by
Hatched in Africa


Use to frame
your favorite motifs
on a quilt and/or use
to create a quilt label
by adding your text.

a trip for spring break?

Stitch some custom
Luggage Tags

to easily identify your bags.

and Baby

Make an adorable stuffed
bunny. Just 4 hoopings
for the larger one, and
only 2 for the small one.
Without stuffing, the
larger one makes a fun

Introductory pricing!




Make these cute little Bunnies
"In the Hoop" No other sewing
is required. They will hold the
common plastic eggs. Fill the
egg with candy. Insert the egg
into the bottom opening. Give
the belly a gentle squeeze and

My Rose Garden I

8 elaborate appliqué
squares, plus coordinating
borders and corners.

For quilts, table linens,
apparel and more.

Floriani Heat N Gone

Use this heat removable film as a topping or
stabilizer on all fabrics that can withstand an
iron temperature of 260°-300° F (120°-140° C).
Great when giving a gift and you need instant
stabilizer removal or when your fabric cannot
withstand moisture. Trace intricate quilt patterns
or designs that you want to free motion stitch for
a perfect guide to follow on top of the fabric!

~ Petal Drops Mini Set ~

Elegant fantasy designs for endless artsy home decor and fashion fun!
Save 25% with code:

Baby Bunny,
Bear and Kitty

These stitch up quickly
in the 4-inch hoop to tuck
into an Easter basket.

Half-price, today only!

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