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Friday, July 31, 2015

Is that Needle Big Enough?

You know that your needle size depends on the thread size, but how do you know if the needle is big enough? Before you insert the needle into the machine, thread the eye with the thread you will be using. Hold the thread about six inches either side of the needle. As you raise and lower each hand, does the needle slide easily toward the lower hand? If so, then the needle is big enough. Are you worried that the needle will leave large holes in the fabric? Most such holes will close up with a little moisture. Try the slide test with a needle that is one size smaller. If the needle still slides easily, then try a smaller size until you find a needle that is too small. Use the smallest needle that slides easily.

If you are using heavy fabric, you will want a larger needle so that the pressure of pushing through the dense fabric will not break the needle or cause unnecessary friction on the thread.

Needle sizes are measured on two scales. The higher the number, the larger the needle. The comparable sizes are listed below:
65/9 (delicate fabrics and 60 weight thread)
80/12 (most embroidery with 40 weight thread)
100/16 (heavy fabrics and/or thicker thread)

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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