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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Time Savers

If you are in a hurry, or have lots of shirts to embroider with the same design, there are designs that stitch quickly. Look for a design with a minimal number of thread colors. Every time you stop to change the thread, it takes time away from stitching. Single-color silhouette or outline designs will have maximum impact if your thread color contrasts well with the background fabric.

Appliqué can be a real time saver. Look for a design with a single appliqué element that makes up most of the design. Think of all the stitches you are saving! If your appliqué fabric adds texture or has an interesting print, no one will guess you were in a rush.

Want the most from your time? Create a freestanding ornament that can be used first as a package decoration, then also as an ornament or bookmark.

If you want to add lettering, use a cursive font so that the letters are connected. This will save you from clipping jump stitches between each letter.

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from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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You can make this set
of Coasters "In the Hoop".
NO other sewing required.
Full detailed step by step
instructions included.

There are 8 different
Coasters in this set plus
2 blanks.

Appliqué Patches

12 patch designs come
with and without lettering.
Choose bright colors or
homespun hues.

Save 50% through
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Tatting 19

Lace with
the look of hand
tatting can be
used to decorate
a headband, or
as a bookmark.


Fall Simplicity

Fast and easy fabric bowl,
box and doily ensemble
with a Fall or Halloween

~ Fall Splendor ~

For beautiful home decor, towels, runners, placemats, pillows and more!
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in the Pumpkin Patch

This is one of 6 charming,
cheerful ghosts in a series.

Buy just this one design, or
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Fall Joy

This set of nine designs
includes a border, minis,
and the design shown here.

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Lower Case
Appliqué Alphabet

This collection contains all 26
letters ranging in height from
about 2 to 3 inches. These are
great for monogramming beach
and bath towels! And they work
very well with the
Upper Case
Appliqué Alphabet.

Autumn Splendor

Appliqué leaves look lovely on apparel, table linens or a
quilt. Choose your favorite fall colors and get stitching!

Twist Thread

Two related colors are twisted
together, perfect for leaves,
flowers, feathers, fur -- any
place you want subtle shading.

Gingerbread Gift-EZ

A matching set boy and girl.
Fill with small gifts and treats.
Made completely in the hoop.

Introductory special
ends today!

Spanky Owl

8 cute owl designs will
add some colorful fun
to any project.

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Black Dress

Doesn't everyone have the
perfect little black dress?
Great for those "special"

Ruffled Sleeve
Undershirt Tee

Who says tees can't
be girly? Cute ruffles
invite embroidery for
your little princess.

Glitter Owl Crystal Kit

What a fun design! Enough
crystals to embellish two owls.

Design sold by Hatched in Africa.

It's US Open time.
Be a hit on the court with these
Tennis Ball Pouches

Both are made quickly in the hoop.

Bargain of the Month

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