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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thank You and Farewell

It has been my pleasure for more than 8 years to bring you the best embroidery designs and products from some of the nicest people on the Internet. This is my last issue. I am retiring to write children's books, which I have always wanted to do. I am also closing Perfect Little Stitches. After today, I will not sell designs privately, so please do not ask.

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to the StitchFun News and who has sent donations, made purchases, sent helpful tips or kind emails. And a special thank you goes out to the StitchFun News advertisers, many of whom have been with me for several years.

Some of you have asked how to keep up with new designs from your favorite advertisers. In each ad below, there will be a link to subscribe to a newsletter, join a Yahoo! group or find an advertiser on FaceBook. Happy stitching!

from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Premium Thick
Cloth Diapers

Old fashioned cloth diapers
still make the best burp cloths.
Pre-wash to shrink, then add
your favorite design and a bit
of trim for a custom baby gift.

Swarovski Elements
Hot Fix Crystals

Add some dazzle
to your next embroidery
project. Choose individual
colors or buy coordinated

Be a hit on the court with these
Tennis Ball Pouches
Both are made quickly in the hoop.

The Embroidery Garden
FaceBook page will keep you
up to date.

Japanese Blossoms

Sweet cherry blossom designs
combine to create spectacular
apparel and home decor.

Join the Graceful Embroidery
FaceBook page for the newest
designs and project ideas.

Barely Bare Bears

Create a 14" teddy bear in your
5x7 hoop. Use plastic joints for
moveable arms and legs. Your
choice of fur defines the bear's
personality. Irresistible!

Mice - ITH

These are cute as
baby toys, cat toys
or pincushions.

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Inspiration Mutz
newsletter to see
what's new!

Large Iris Appliqué

Create this bold, beautiful iris in
only 4 hoopings. 3 sizes to fit different
hoops. Can be made freestanding or
stitched as appliqué.

Join the Kreative Club
Page to stay informed.


Fresh air, sunshine, flowers
and pretty aprons, just for fun.

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Loralie Designs Newsletter.



5x7 PURSE 4

Make a charming little
strip-pieced purse in your
5x7 hoop. Super easy to make
with stitched guidelines and
detailed instructions.

Join the MooseBStitchin
Yahoo! Group to stay in touch.

Blossom Delight

3 sets of freestanding
lace together as a complete

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Going Out
Business Sale

Today is the absolute final
day to buy designs from
Perfect Little Stitches.
Everything is half the prices
shown. CDs will be sent by
email. Buy today
or lose out

Merry Mermaids

Enjoying the summer
weather? These winsome
mermaids will bring a smile.

Stay in touch with
Bonnie's FaceBook Page.

Birdhouse of the
Month in Appliqué

Embroider an imaginative
birdhouse to celebrate each
month of the year. Choose
4x4 or 5x7 sizes.

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Yahoo! Group to hear what's
new with Sew Teri-fic Designs.

Kimono Silk

No thread is more beautiful
than silk. Kimono Silk is made
especially for home embroidery,
perfect for your most elegant

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Newsletters to stay informed
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Classic Chinese dragon
adds a sophisticated accent
to jeans, jackets, pillows,
totes and more.

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Delicate Fish

10 lacy, elegant
fantasy fish designs,
ideal for sophisticated

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Time Yahoo! Group to
see what's new.

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