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Friday, July 1, 2016

Project Ideas

Looking for some new ways to use embroidery designs? Many embroidery websites have project pages. Some just have pictures to spark your imagination. Others offer detailed instructions that you can download for free. You might learn a new technique, or finally find a use for that design you could not resist, but could not figure out where to embroider.

When shopping at the mall, online or flipping through a catalog, always keep yourself open to new ideas for using embroidery. Remember that embroidery includes in-the-hoop items, lace, quilted projects and designs stitched on paper, screen or fabric. Sew much fun awaits you!

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from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Coffee Mermaid

Detailed, exotic design
for anyone who loves
that first cup of coffee.

Sewing Frames

6 sewing-themed frames
will help you decorate your
sewing room and proclaim
your love of sewing.

Grey Dumble
Cubbie Stuffie

The stuffing removes as
a single unit from this cute
elephant's tummy so you can
embroider or use as a pajama
bag. Or embroider those
adorable ears!

Butterfly Jewels

Crystals specially selected
to embellish these fanciful

Designs sold by
Hatched in Africa

Lace Blossoms

Attach to dresses, hats,
bonnets, pillows.....Three sizes
included. Pick your colors and

Stitch on water-soluble stabilizer.

Hipster Purse Set

Make a simple purse in your 6x10 or
5x7 hoop. Fully lined with no raw edges.
Set includes both sizes.


Romantic designs with
wing needle details. It's as
easy as swapping out your
needle for beautiful results!

Buddies in a Blanket

Kitties and Cubbies

Make a soft blankie comfort
toy. The blanket flips to reveal
a sleeping head and pajamas.
Cute kitty or bear cub.

Ballerina Appliqué

Make a sweet, large ballerina
in 3 hoopings with easy joinings
in the hoop.

Stitch as appliqué or
freestanding. Sized for 3 hoops.

Pretty Personal 2

7 designs to celebrate the
girly side of keeping clean.

PA Dutch Minis

12 mini designs,
12 borders, 6 frames and
a complete alphabet.

Pre-order now through
July 9 and save 50%!

Tag 3
custom reusable nametags

Create a special tag for
your next embroidery event.
Wear it as a name tag or
attach one to your sewing
supply bag or embroidery

Lion King Zen Life

Exotic and majestic,
the lion stitches beautifully
on lightweight fabrics.

Save 20% with
coupon code

Teeny Jewelry

These miniature designs
are sure to delight anyone
who likes a little bling!

Half-Price, Today Only!

Fun Time Fruits

Fresh fruit just tastes
like warm, sunny weather!

Pirates of the Seas

Fun designs for your little buccaneer.
Half-price sale ends Monday!

Angel Babies

Adorable garden
angels are eager to
help. 7 designs.


Sewing and quilting gloves for
superior fabric control, handling
threads, adjusting fabrics and
adding or removing pins. Fabrics
remain free of skin oils.

Breathable and washable.

Bonnet Ladies

Elegant ladies in a
lightweight colorwork style
are perfect for summer
apparel. Set includes 10
fanciful women.

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