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Monday, May 20, 2016

Managing Group Emails

A reader asked for help managing the emails that she receives from a busy Yahoo Group. Some groups generate a hundred emails a day. You probably do not want to read each and every one, so how do you filter them?

Start by sorting incoming emails into folders. In Outlook Express, you can use "Tools" to set up "rules" that will send emails to the folders you specify. Yahoo emails include the name of the Yahoo Group inside a set of brackets. Create one folder for each group, then create a rule with the brackets and group name as the keyword to sort by.

Now when you look at your emails, the messages for each group are organized into folders. You can quickly skim through the subject lines to find emails that might be of interest to you. Delete any email that you do not want to read. It's okay. Everyone does this.

Some prefer to receive emails in digest form. This means that you will receive a single email with a dozen or more messages. You go to the Yahoo Group page and edit your settings to receive the digest (you do this for each group). You can try it to see if it suits you.

When you know you will be away from your computer for more than a day, you should change your Yahoo Group settings to "no mail" so that your mailbox will not be overloaded with emails when you return. A few groups frown on the "no mail" setting, so you should check with the group owner to be sure you will not be removed from the group for going "no mail".

Most advertisers are courteous about starting the subject line of each advertisement with "AD". You can sort all those emails into a single folder. This makes it easier to spot duplicate ads that are sent to multiple groups. Many groups only allow advertisements on certain days, so do not be surprised if you receive more messages on those days.

Do your share by always using a subject line that matches the content of your email. If using "reply", be sure to delete any extraneous text from the original email, especially if it is a digest.

There are hundreds of embroidery-related Yahoo Groups. Try different groups until you find the ones that work for you.

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