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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Personalize those Gifts

If you are short of time, you can still add a personal touch to store-bought gifts. If you are giving a book, add an embroidered or freestanding lace book mark. If you have purchased napkins, embroider a single-color design in the corners. Add a monogram or border design to pillowcases. Embellish a fleece lap blanket with a corner design. Embroider a mini design on the cuff of a sock or a turtleneck's neck.

Save time by using single-color designs or designs with a low stitch count. Set aside an afternoon to embroider several gifts. Play some holiday music and feel the spirit of giving!

Next issue: make recycled gifts

from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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PA Dutch

26 double-run outline
designs to use for quilting,
each with a charming
Pennsylvania Dutch

Cross Stitch

Classic cross stitch
designs with very few
jump stitches to stitch
quickly and neatly.

~ Psalm 122: 6 & Star of David Single ~

Perfect for Hanukkah gifts, Psalm 122:6 and Star of David single.
Save 20% with code:

Sampler Project

16 phrases from the Bible
and Christmas carols, to use
individually or to create this
lovely quilt.

Snow Gift Bag
made in the 6x10 hoop

Change the fabrics
for a different look.

Happy Thanksgiving
to our StitchFun News Friends!

We are so thankful for all of
you who make this business fun
and rewarding all year long.

May God bless you and yours!

Snow Place Like Home

5 snowman border designs, plus 4 coordinating snowmen.
Sale pricing!

Birdy Ornament

On this day of Thanksgiving,
I am grateful for all of my
embroidery friends.

Get the birdy free
before it flies away.


For that little Sugar Plum Fairy in your life.


A perfect day to watch the
last of the hummingbirds play.
These are really fun, as any
fabric style will change them.
From denim play to elegant satin.

Burlap Tablerunner
with Candy Cane
Stripe Border

Easy to embroider.
Blends with every decor.

Custom Designs

Have an idea for a design? Need a business, organization or
team logo digitized? Want to stitch a tribute to someone special?
Let Wendy create a design from your photo or artwork.

Christmas Jewels

Crystals have been
specially selected to
embellish these designs.

Designs are sold by
Hatched in Africa

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours.

Wooden Hoop
Snowman Project

Start your holiday decorating with
this cute snowman. It uses 2 wooden
hand embroidery hoops. It's lightweight
and can be displayed all winter.

Family Christmas

Create a project using this
beautiful and unique design.

Today only - 60% off
Use coupon code

Offer ends Nov. 26th.
at midnight EST

Xmas Coasters

9 in-the-hoop coaster designs,
plus each redwork design in two
sizes. And on sale!

November Special
All Christmas sets are just $2.00




Made entirely in the hoop.
Just stitch, unhoop, trim and
turn. Ready to be filled with
goodies. NO other sewing

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