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Friday, October 31, 2014

Hoop It the Right Way

Have you ever had your garment come out of the hoop before you were finished embroidering? Or has the inner hoop popped out as you were tightening the fabric?

Loosen the screw on the outer hoop. Place stabilizer over the hoop, then the freshly pressed fabric (or garment). Place the inner hoop on top, pushing it down inside the outer hoop, starting at the top and working your way toward the side of the hoop with the screw. Make sure that the fabric is straight. Tighten the screw most of the way. Check each corner of the hoop to be sure that the inner hoop is pushed all the way into the outer hoop.

To give your fabric that final, gentle tug, pull it over the edge of the inner hoop toward the center of the hoop. This will keep the hoop from being pulled upward. Be sure you are not distorting the grain of the fabric, nor stretching a knit fabric. Tighten the screw as you hold the fabric toward the center of the hoop.

Next issue: cotton embroidery thread

from Mary Jane Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Holiday Fun

Santa is coming soon. He is
checking his list. Be sure you
are on the GOOD one.

This is a fun appliqué design
using curly fleece.

Orchard Plaid
Kitchen Towel Mix

Welcome the holidays
with these cotton dish towels.
Choose the vine green waffle
weave or the fall-inspired plaid,
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Dot to Dot...
Crystal to Crystal

Create dazzling crystal
motifs that are perfect
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Kids and adults alike will love these
Flameless Tealight Pins

Use this quick stitching design
as favors for your holiday table.

Asian Influence

Complete set of 12 oval designs
to create a lovely quilt, set of
pillows, or stitch around a vest.

Also available in sets of two.

Golf Shoes

Just like Mommy
and Daddy! Make
them right in your
embroidery hoop.


Designs for your favorite
golfing guy (with apologies
to you golfing gals!).

Filled and redwork variations.

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Golden Ornaments

A large, stunning set
of one color and three color
ornaments. It’s not too early
to think about the holidays!




Make these adorable
Gingerbread Dolls and
Stockings in the hoop. The
Stockings can be filled
with small treats and
used alone.

Tatting 164

Make wreath-shaped
tatted earrings in your
embroidery hoop.

One and two-color
variations. Embellish
with crystals or leave


Freestanding lace letters
can be used as gift tags. So
pretty and reusable, too!

Cat & Pumpkin

FREE today with

Pillow Noel

Make this 12" x 16" pillow
almost entirely in your
embroidery hoop. Beautiful
in metallic threads!

and Tori Gates

One lovely pagoda and
tori gates in 4 sizes. Create
a scene or use individually.

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Vintage Deer

These 10 delightful,
playful designs stitch
quickly and easily on
most any fabric.

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tutorials are 25% off
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Autumn Harvest

A collection of gorgeous autumn leaves and
acorns, perfect for Thanksgiving linens.

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