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Friday, October 28, 2016

Make It Freestanding

Many designs can be made freestanding. Look for a design that has a clean outline and no open areas inside the design. Avoid snowflakes, outline designs, furry animals with irregular edges and designs with lacey fills.

Make a sandwich with a layer of water-soluble stabilizer (WSS), a layer of tulle (very fine netting) and another layer of WSS. Hoop these. Embroider the design. Before unhooping, coat the back of the design with a thin layer of permanent fabric glue (check to be sure it is clear-drying. Do not let the glue go beyond the edges of the design.

When the glue is dry, tear away the excess WSS and tulle. For a two-sided freestanding design (earrings or Christmas tree ornament), stitch the design a second time in mirror-image. Glue the designs back-to-back, with a bit of ribbon or a loop of sturdy thread sandwiched in between to come out the top.

Single-sided freestanding designs can be glued to candles, greeting cards, a wreath -- anything you wish to embellish but cannot embroider directly.

Next issue: embroidered buttonholes

from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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Celtic Christmas

Celtic knots and
Christmas holly will
make the season bright.
Embroider table linens,
a quilt or a special shirt.

Festive, graceful and

Napkin &
Place Card

These are great fun
for a family holiday
dinner. Each place
card also hold the
napkin. Set includes
snowmen. Made in
the hoop.

Dollar Deals

Check out all the wonderful
holiday designs that are on sale
for only $1.00 each!

Precious Express

Stitch a trainload of delights
with these imaginative designs.
Coordinating fabric, more
designs and a coloring book
are also available.

La Vie en Rose

Create beautiful,
monogrammed quilts,
tablecloths, placemats, totes
and pillows. Two complete
uppercase alphabets, one
with and one without the
rose embellishment, plus
9 accent designs.

Download the free sample.

Give Thanks

Elegant pumpkin design
for a guest towel, tablecloth,
apron or pillow.

Save 20% with
coupon code


Miniature designs to
celebrate Thanksgiving.
Think napkin corners,
collar points, baby bibs
and sock cuffs.

all weekend long!


Beautiful angels stitch
quickly with no heavy fill
stitches. These would be
gorgeous around a tree skirt
or across a sweatshirt.

Designs and Tutorials
are 35% off. Use code

Sassy Elves

Elves are already busy
preparing for Christmas.
Embroider a few and you
will soon be in the mood
for shopping, baking, gift
wrapping and decking
the halls.

Glittering Poinsettia

Stitch dazzling poinsettias
using GlitterFlex and a few
hot fix metals. Kits are
available from Dawn
Just ask!

Set includes 3
coordinating designs.


Holographic thread stitches
beautifully, and gives extra
sparkle to any design.

Choose single spools or
sets of 8 spools.

Snowflake Ornament

Snowball of snowflakes shines
and sparkles to accent your
winter wardrobe. Pretty on it's
own, or add a few beads for
added dimension. Visit the
design page to see it!


Show someone how
you feel with this delightful
design. Joy-filled snowmen
can be worn all winter long.

Aqua Christmas
Flat Weave Towels

Add a surprising bit of color
to your kitchen with flat weave
towels in bright or pale aqua.
Wintry embroidery designs look
wonderful with a blue background.
Or choose traditional red or
white to mix and match.

Crystal Stars
and Snowflakes

Accent your winter
embroidery with crystal
stars and snowflakes.

Choose from three colors.

Holly Alphabet

Uppercase letters are
each embellished with a bit
of holly for a festive look.

Matching lowercase letters
without holly are also available.

Zipper Cases

You'll fit all sorts of things in
these adorable cases. Sized
for the 5x7 and 6x10 hoops.

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