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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hoopless Hooping

Have you ever tried to hoop a thick towel or heavy jacket? Not only was it hard on you, it was also hard on your hoop. Lots of items are nearly impossible to hoop. An easier method is to hoop just the stabilizer, then pin the garment, towel, napkin corner or dog collar to the stabilizer. Be sure all pins are outside the area to be embroidered. Lightweight items can be taped to the stabilizer using the frosted tape made for gift wrapping -- just be sure the stitches will not go over the tape.

Another alternative is to use sticky stabilizer. This is especially useful for velvet, where you do not want hoop marks left behind. Sticky stabilizer is good for embroidering small items such as baby socks or ribbon, or anything you wish to embroider near the edge, such as a collar or button placket. Hoop just the stabilizer, then press the item into position.

The Magna Hoop uses magnets to secure your item to the stabilizer. Hoops are available to fit many home embroidery machines. They even have a version for quilting. If you embroider lots of hard-to-hoop items, a Magna Hoop could be a good investment.

You might want to further secure your fabric to the stabilizer by stitching a basting design. If your machine does not have this feature built in, you can download an assortment of basting files by clicking here.

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from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches

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