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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This topic is difficult to write because I prefer to emphasize the positive over the negative, but I can't think of another way to address this. At Superior Threads, we are often asked, "Is that $2 per spool thread OK to use?" If it were a quality thread, I would be the first to buy it, use it, and recommend it. Recently, there have been many reports regarding products from China. These include copyright infringements, impurities in medicines, poison in toothpaste, poison in pet food, lead in painted children's toys, and faulty tires. I was not surprised by any of these. I'm old enough to remember the days when "Made in Japan" was a laughing matter. What a long way Japan has come! Today, the label Made in Japan usually means it is the best quality in the world and they earned that image by focusing on quality first, with the belief that success would follow. As far as I can tell, China, India, and numerous other countries have no such focus. They want to sell, sell, sell, with little concern for quality, copyright issues, service, or honesty. And how about those labels that say, "Egyptian cotton. Made in India". Something doesn't add up here. We've had many discussions with thread companies in China and receive samples on a regular basis. They literally beg us to buy their products at very low prices. There hasn't been one product even getting close to being considered by us and they either refuse or do not have the technology to make high quality thread. Their cottons are linty, polyesters are oily, rayons are weak and usually not colorfast, and the twist on all types is not consistent. But it sure is cheap.

Any thread you can buy for a couple dollars cannot have the quality that your machine and you deserve. I cringe when I hear of professional quilters using a budget serger thread which they bought on sale at a discount store because they don't want to spend or pass on to their customers the few dollars more for a high quality thread. I am not anti-China, India, or any other country. I lived in Asia for 10 years and love the area and return often to visit dear friends. But I am anti-cheap and low quality products. You have probably heard many times the wise counsel to buy the best sewing machine you can afford. All of us cannot afford the top of the line machines. Fortunately, the products you put into that machine (fabric and thread) are not as expensive as the machine and it is wise to buy the absolute best quality of each. You will notice the difference. In the thread world, the highest quality thread should be guaranteed to work -- even metallic thread. We absolutely guarantee all products. If one does not work as intended, we'll buy it back. Quality thread should be smooth, free of bumps or slubs, without excess fuzz, and have a tight, smooth, consistent twist on it. It will keep your machine much cleaner which means fewer problems for you. If you could view a variety of threads though a magnifying glass, you would be amazed at the difference. The real test is in using it. You and your machine can tell the difference.

Next issue: embroidering napped fabrics

from Bob Purcell of Superior Threads

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